Garage Shelving for Personal Items

This is the moment when many people look on any spaces to organize unused personal belongings or Christmas decorations. This can be an energy and power draining activity. The garage is the location in a house where generally, unused stuffs, Christmas trees and accessories will be stored. When storing unused stuffs, it is important to be in the least humid area because humidity can damage them. This will cost you every time Christmas is coming because you would have to buy new accessories and Christmas trees each year only because of improper packing and storing the containers. How impractical storage can cost you!

The ideal garage where to put the Christmas accessories is always opened at least twice a day so it helps to lower humidity. Proper facility will save the space as well.

Garage Shelving for Personal Items-

The best storage for this is plastic storage/containers for the unused stuffs and any decorations. These containers will need to be stored properly for easy moving, and it may help to reduce humidity. Therefore a good strong shelving is going to be the best option.

There are many choices in the market today, shelving ranges from various sizes along with plastic storage. The available space is one of the important points in selecting the size of the shelves as well as the way to store the containers.

The type of garage shelving to be selected should be the simple and durable one. Before buying the garage shelving, it is necessary to do a little homework to calculate how much shelving is needed in accordance with the available space, without blocking the movement of other stuffs in the garage.

We recommend rivet shelving for your garage shelves. Rivet and Chrome wire shelving are better than the older flat metal shelves, they are versatile and inexpensive. Also, it do not rust or dent easily and are more powerful than alternative types of metal garage shelves.

If your garage is spacious, it is better to put by category, so easier for you or your family to look for when needed. For this you may use 2 shelves for 1 category, depends on the quantity of the stuffs you are storing. For plastic storage, you may select with or without a lid, there are many options ranging from 13L, 22L to 52L capacity to fit your needs and available. Plastic storage like stor park bins can also be utilized for storage of auto parts, small size parts/items so easy to find whenever required. Label the container accordingly to identify the content easily.

There are many advantages for using the garage shelves together with plastic storage. You can experience the less chaos, neat, safe, and in the end with proper labeling, it will save your time to allocate the stuffs when you need them.

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You better watch out, you better not cry, you’d better get organized. Let’s Organize !!!

Holiday Season is just around the corner, which for most people means trawling through the boxes of decorations, unravelling strings of lights and laughing over cherished memories. Keeping track of special decorations and making sure they are easily accessible year by year can stretch the skills of even the most organized homeowner. With our expertise in managing warehouse storage for some of the biggest clients in Australia, we’d like to offer some easy solutions for the home as a special gift for the season.

One of the easiest solutions is to find storage that works for you. Plastic containers and boxes are ideal for home use as they are light, easy to stack and store. Creating order from chaos isn’t as hard as you think.

Having an organized storage system in the home means that everything is at hand when you need it and easily stacked away when you don’t. It also means that your cherished memories are protected from water damage, environmental factors, pesky pests and even curious children.

Best of all, delicate objects won’t be damaged, the lights won’t be tangled and identifying the box you are looking for becomes simple with our range of colour coded systems. Racking systems can also be utilized in the home and can be as simple or your space requires.

Plastic storage systems are now available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. For long-term performance, plastic is the best choice. By using a simple labeling system, suddenly clutter and chaos takes form and finding stored items is no longer an issue.

Christmas decorations, seasonal clothing, toys and tools and almost anything that you need to store can be stored and stacked in a variety of plastic bins that are versatile and practical. It also saves you money as items that are lost or broken (or those damn tangled lights) won’t need to be replaced.

Holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, don’t let chaos give you headaches at home, employing some simple techniques employed by business means you have time and space to enjoy it.

Have a very happy holiday season and if you’d like to know more about our versatile storage systems, please get in touch, visit our website: or email us at:

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Warehouse Efficiency


The center of the distribution of trade is a warehouse, the place where the goods arrive and initially stored, packaged and finally distributed to various places. Efficiency in a warehouse means inventory system and goods movement. The inventory is constantly moving and goods tracking in a warehouse is absolutely necessary to keep the business running efficiently. Errors in the operational management of a warehouse can cause customers are not only not satisfied and financial loss to the business owner. Technical operations in optimizing inventory and delivery are very important to improve the efficiency of a warehouse.

As the business grows, it is easy to fall into routines and operating systems in the warehouse could start to become ineffective and obsolete, so as to make you aware, it is important to continuously review the operating practices to better fit with the development of the business. The main focus is the high level of productivity with no delay, and make sure to prevent and eliminate potential problems that could elevate processing time.

The FIFO – LIFO accounting method is one of the means of inventory management and financial issues relating to the supply of goods produced, raw materials, parts, or components. FIFO stands for First in, first out, which means that the supply of the first entry that was first recorded as goods sold. The FIFO method assumes that the cost of goods purchased will be the first time the goods are sold first. In this method, inventory outcomes were assessed with the cost of purchasing the very end.

LIFO stands for Last In First Out, since the 1970s, some US companies shifted towards the use of LIFO which reduced their income tax in times of inflation. But with International Financial Reporting Standard banning the use of LIFO, more companies have gone back to FIFO. LIFO is only used in the US.

LIFO system can be used at some pallet racking systems, such as:

1. Block Stacking
The block stacking system refers to a unit being stacked or stored line up in a line or block. Pallets stacked with a certain height adjusted to criteria such as the condition of pallets, heavy products, high safety, and warehouse forklift capability. Pallets are stored in this method can be taken with the LIFO system. This stacking system does not allow for the collection of goods by sorting date method or FIFO. It is not expensive because it does not require the shelves and can be performed on various types of warehouses with wide open land.

2. Single Deep, Double Deep and/ Drive in Pallet Rack
These racking systems provide access every pallet to be stored on the shelf. When a pallet is moved, then the blank spot can be filled with another pallet.
This type of placement can be adjusted to the desired height. The weakness of this method requires floor space to fit the width of the lane.

Double Deep Pallet Rack puts two single rack in a place that can reduce the amount of need hallway, but can cause honeycombing, so it can be said when this method is less efficient than single deep pallet rack and requires a special forklift to pick up two pallets at a time, taking or placing pallets from the shelves. While Drive in is the continuation of the double deep rack. Drive-in provides access to a forklift to place or move the stock. However, the forklift has limited space to maneuver and thus require more time to put or take the pallet.

While FIFO system can be implemented in some such as:

1. Pallet Flow Rack
Pallet flow rack method works by transferring the load from one side to the other by using a simple conveyor so that the pallet can be moved using FIFO. When a pallet moves, the others will fill the vacant space. So the first in is the first out.

2. Single Rack

3. Double Deep Mobile racking
With its mobility, forklift can drive in to retrieve the first in pallet.

Some other tips that are important in improving the efficiency of the warehouse:

1. Personnel ID
The personnel ID helps identify people who is working in the warehouse. An important key to maintain the security of a warehouse by eliminating those who do not have any purpose in a warehouse area.

2. Clean the Warehouse
It is necessary to have the warehouse clean on daily basis. Defective goods, returned goods will have no place to hide. The warehouse is a place where all your money is stored in the form of goods.

3. Increase the receiving area
The error of a warehouse inventory area can start from the reception area. If you make a mistake here, 10 other errors will arise in the company. Begins with designing or rearranging of adequate employment space so that there is no accumulation of goods in the reception area.

4. Place the right person in the receiving area
It is important to put the right people in the receiving area. When your employees know the product, the ins and outs of warehousing, then the error in receiving and goods placement by type can be minimized.

5. Create colour coded labels
Colour label facilitates your warehouse employees to identify goods, defective goods, goods for a refund or goods to be sent to the customer.

6. Perform cycle counting
Daily calculation provides many benefits to find defective items, or repair any item placement, and even inventory. Some minor problems in warehousing both errors in the placement of items can affect the performance and reputation of your business.

Procedural error and an unorganized warehouse are bad for your business. Each a small mistake is potential to screw up the business. To ensure that your warehouse system runs at maximum efficiency, it is necessary to monitor the standards and provide employee training. Improving the efficiency of a warehouse is essential to increase business and customer satisfaction.
Also every ease of the works in the warehouse will have a great impact to employees.

If you have any comment or questions, please feel free to contact We would like to hear them.

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Warehouse Safety During Holiday Season


Holiday season is a joyful moment to all of us. This is the season many people take off from their daily working routine to be with their families and loved ones.

Warehouse is the area where safety preparation for holiday season is a must to do.

Fire safety is a scourge for most warehousing, warehouse systems, especially with a messy layout. Security management issues must be addressed appropriately to minimize the risk of injury or death to staff or the public. Unlike other security issues, fire has the potential to injure or kill a lot of people very quickly. In 2008 a full-scale detection tests have been conducted in Australia to determine the applicability of the spot, the smoke detection system for a large warehouse type facility with a high roof and a large floor area and most of the implement warehouse pallet racking systems.

The warehouse should have early warning fire detection and prevention system in place that typically includes fire extinguishers, alarm systems, fire blanket or automatic sprinklers. You also must have a plan to do fire training exercise and the evacuation. All emergency exits should be clearly labeled and make sure they are free access at all times.
An analysis has been developed to determine the fire and provide an early warning detection equipment, improve the response time for firefighters to extinguish the fire and reduce the overall loss. Fire detection is able to provide additional information, the location of the fire, and the severity of the fire spread.

Fire detection devices are not only useful to prevent fires, but also prevent the spread of fire when no workers in the warehouse or the holiday season, therefore minimize loss. Fire or smoke detection devices that still functions properly will usually immediately detect smoke or fire and minimize the spread of the fire before the fire brigade arrives on the scene. Therefore, make sure that your warehouse has been equipped with early warning fire detection devices and perform routine maintenance to ensure the detection of a fire in a warehouse appliance to function properly.
All equipment to protect the warehouse should be tested regularly to ensure that it is functioning correctly in particular before the holiday season starts.

Several cases of a fire that destroyed a barn/warehouse largely due to the fire detection system did not function. Losses from the fire in the warehouse when no employee works or during holiday season can cause serious damages in business and in some cases fatalities.
The early warning fire detector equipments should be connected to the local fire department as well as office.

There are few things which are the main fire trigger in the warehouse:
1. Electric short
2. Cigarette bud
3. Lighting

Warehouse design is varied based on the functions and demands. You need to know which affects the performance of the warehouse fire includes the storage of commodities, ventilation systems, storage and retrieval system; large warehouse requires analysis of the earlier points to minimize losses in case of fire. Most warehouse storage rack consists of two fixed lines and this is a common storage configuration with the potential for large fire growth and spread rapidly.

Apart from warehouse design, some other important points of warehouse analysis that are great potential for fire spread rapidly :
1. Type of goods (fabrics, fibers, chemicals, natural commodities and plastics are flammable).
2. Building height
3. Warehouse racking systems
4. Distribution of power
5. Heating and operating equipment

“Identify the type of your storage warehouse, analyze and protect your warehouse with Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Safeguarding your Warehouse during Holiday Season”.

Do you have any questions or idea, we are more than happy to hear them. Please contact us to

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Warehouse Support Job Description

Warehouse support occupations, also referred to as warehouse clerks, typically work in a manufacturing or warehouse environment and are involved with inventory management.


  • Most employers will require a high school diploma or GED for these occupations. In most cases, applicants are hired with little or no previous experience and employers will offer on-the-job training.

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Best Practices for Warehouse Safety

There is more to warehouse safety than compliance with fire codes and OSHA regulations. Unfortunately, too many warehouses and 3PLs look at safety as meeting the minimum mandated by law or their conscience. Often, neither goes far enough. In this chapter, we’re going to look at Best Practices for Warehouse Safety, discussing the benefits and risks to employees, managers and employers of both creating a culture of safety in the warehouse, and failing to do so.

For those companies that fail to promote safety, it is often due to insufficient time, inadequate resources, or the opportunity to save money through corner cutting. In the long run, however, a safe warehouse environment delivers important cost savings through: higher employee satisfaction and increased productivity, fewer workplace disruptions and reduced absenteeism and equipment downtime. You can extend the life of your warehouse infrastructure such as storage and material handling equipment, as well as reduce damage to inventory. Most importantly, don’t assume that a safe workplace carries a jaw-dropping price tag.

Tip: By creating a safer workplace, you will also reduce damage to and loss of warehouse equipment and fixtures along with stored inventory.

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Making Shop Shelving Function

Staff and customers must be able to move unreservedly about a shop layout for it to function beneficially. Sadly, there are many shops that do not consider this when they are displaying their items for sale. Problems tend to grow when there are a immense quantity of products but the shop itself does not have enough space. Generally it is in the way the items are shown and stored that is the problem. However, this can be solved very easily with the correct pick of shelving.

This will give you the best and most simple consequence. Better shelving could be the solution to the issue of getting into a pickle. By doing this you can hold any expensive or specialist objects away from curious and prying fingers, show your products in an appropriate manner, save shop floor space and organise your stock. If you decide to go ahead then your daily operating processes will be a lot more smooth-running for you will be able to get to the products you have more easily, making the stock-check a soothe operation. Everything looks tidier and you redeem time and money into the bargain. It could be that you select to put your products onto tables, nonetheless, they need to be attended to continually as they become dishevelled quite speedily.

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